12 VDC Interior Switch Assembly, Single, On / Off, Contoured

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Note: these 3 product offering have been moved to individual pages to clear up any confusion. The links below will take you to whichever page (color switch) you wish to view or order:

Color Option Links in Blue:

  • BLACK AH-ASY-1-5-001 (also known under part numbers: A-3115; S521; 12225; 55-2197)
  • BROWN AH-ASY-1-2-002 (also known under part numbers: A-3118; S631; 12135; 55-2194)
  • WHITE AH-ASY-1-1-001 (also known under part numbers: A-3101; S531; 12005; 55-2191)


**To order the individual replacement switch for your switch panel, use the links below**

Black, On/Off, SPST
Black, On/On, DPDT
Black, Mom/Off/Mom, SPDT
Black, Mom/Off, SPST
Black, Mom/Off/Mom, DPDT
White, On/Off, SPST
White, On/On, SPDT
White, Mom/Off/Mom, SPDT
White, Mom/Off, SPST
White, Mom/Off/Mom, DPDT
White, On/Off/On, SPDT
Brown, On/Off, SPST
Black Dimmer Switch Assembly (*requires ground wire at switch location*) 
White Dimmer Switch Assembly (*requires ground wire at switch location*)