• Atwood / HydroFlame Furnace Time Delay Relay 48000

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    Atwood / HydroFlame Furnace Time Delay Relay, Part# 48000 


    Replacement 12 Volt DC Time Delay Relay, for use in older furnaces that use a standard 12VDC ignitor board. The TDR has a 4 second delay before applying power to the fan motor, and a 2 minute cool down period at the end of the heat cycle before removing power from the fan motor. 

    Used to replace the OEM relay which is no longer available, used in Atwood, Hydro Flame, Duotherm, and Suburban 12 volt furnace models that use a time delay relay. Replaces 1017, 31017, HF1017, 230625, 521069 and 3-14437-000

    Dimensions: 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.25" H

    *Includes basic connection diagram*

    To order the 24 VAC version of this relay, please click onto this link: 12S20

    * This TDR CANNOT be used in DuoTherm® 900 / 9000 series furnaces or any furnace where the thermostat is in the ground circuit *UNLESS* the thermostat control wires inside the furnace are removed from the "Ground" circuitry and rewired to the "Positive" (Battery +) side of the control circuitry.