• Atwood Refrigerator Door Bin 14018

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    Atwood Refrigerator Door Bin 14018 No Longer Available

    Applicable to model numbers: 

    • HE-A0601RF
    • HE-A0801RF
    • HE-0601
    • HE-0801

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    Optional Extra Item:

    • Atwood Refrigerator Door Bin Plastic Shelf Divider 13008 (Item 10) Please note: This door bin divider is removed/installed by sliding the divider along the side of the bin and into the position you want. If you try to remove/install it directly, the door bin usually breaks in a very particular way. Due to the limit quantities of bins available, the bin is non-refundable if broken due to negligence / user error.

    Known under / Supersedes / Replaces:

    • DL22501065
    • DL 22501065

    Approximate Dimensions:

    • 17-1/2" X 3-1/2" X 2-3/4"

    Please Note: Atwood was purchased by the Dometic Corporation and has chosen to discontinue manufacturing Atwood refrigerators. For this reason, parts will become no-longer available at some point when the manufacturer / distributor networks and dealer networks exhausts stock. We encourage our customers to anticipate their repair parts needs now as opposed to finding the parts no-longer available if something breaks or discontinues to work.