• Atwood / Wedgewood Range, Ignitor Knob, 51344

    This item is out of stock

    OEM Atwood / Wedgewood Range Ignitor Knob 51344 No Longer Available

    Once stock is exhausted this OEM ignitor knob is only offered in a kit which includes other knobs which may or may not be applicable to your exact model. Here is the link for the kit: 52719

    *After-market version is available (link): After-Market Atwood / Wedgewood Piezo Knob 51344MC

    Applicable to Models:

    • CA-30 (CA30)
    • CA-31 (CA31)
    • CV-30 (CV30)
    • CV-32 (CV32)
    • RA-1730 (RA1730)
    • RA-1731 (RA1731)
    • RA-1732 (RA1732)
    • RA-2130 (RA2130)
    • RA-2131 (RA2131)
    • RA-2132 (RA2132)
    • RV-1731 (RA1731)
    • RV-1732 (RV1732)
    • RV-2131 (RV2131)
    • RV-2132 (RV2132)

    Known Under / Supersedes / Replaces:

    • 56094

    Available Downloads: