• Atwood / Wedgewood Range LP Regulator 51062

    $51.78 $42.52

    Atwood / Wedgewood Range LP Regulator 51062


    Applicable To Models: 

    CA-30 (CA30)
    CA-31 (CA31)
    CA-33 (CA33)
    CA-34 (CA34)
    CA-35 (CA35)
    CV-33 (CV33)
    CV-34 (CV34)
    CV-35 (CV35)
    C-40 Standard (C40 Standard)
    C-40 Piezo Spark (C40 Piezo Spark)
    C-45 Piezo Spark (C45 Piezo Spark)
    DV-20 (DV20)
    DV-30 (DV30)
    R-1730 Standard (R1730 Standard)
    RA-1730 (RA1730)
    RA-1731 (RA1731)
    RA-1732 (RA1732)
    RA-1733 (RA1733)
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    RA-1734 (RA1734)
    RA-1735 (RA1735)
    RA-2130 (RA2130)
    RA-2131 (RA2131)
    RA-2132 (RA2132)
    RA-2133 (RA2133)
    RA-2134 (RA2134)
    RA-2135 (RA2135)
    RV-1733 (RV1733)
    RV-1734 (RV1734)
    RV-1735  (RV1735)
    RV-2133 (RV2133)
    RV-2134 (RV2134)
    RV-2135 (RV2135)
    RW-1730 (RW1730)
    RW-2130 (RW2130)
    R-2145 Piezo (R2145 Piezo)

    Known Under / Supersedes / Replaces:
    • 52145

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