Coleman Relay Package 6799B3491

$38.57 $35.86

Coleman Relay Package 6799B3491


Replaces No Longer Available Part Number: 6799A3491

Also known under part number: AZ2280-1A-12DF

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Applicable to Ceiling Units / Remotes / Zone Control Kits:

7330720 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series)

73307203 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series) 

7330723 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series)

7330A7203 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series)

7330A725 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series)

7330A726 Ceiling Unit (7330 Series)

8330723 White Cool Only Remote

83307233 White Cool Only Remote / Solar

8330724 Ivory Cool Only Remote

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8330725 White Heat / Cool Remote

8330726 Ivory Heat / Cool Remote

8330A751 Zone Control Kit (Cool Only)

8330A755 Zone Control Kit (Heat / Cool)

8330B751 Zone Control Kit (Cool Only)

8330E395 Heat Ready Zone Control Lateral Side To Side

8333A933 Flush Mount Zone Control (Cool Only)

8530A751 Zone Control Kit (Heat Pump)

8530A933 Flush Mount Zone Control (Heat Pump)

8530C751 Zone Control Kit (Heat Pump)