Coleman Start Capacitor, (108-130 Mfd / 330V), 1497-0891

$36.95 $31.08

Coleman Start Capacitor 1497-0891


Capacitance: 108-130 Mfd

Voltage: 330V

Replaces Coleman Start Capacitor (108-130 Mfd / 165V), 1497-1081

*Please Note: The capacitor working voltage was upgraded from 165V to 330V but the capacitance remained the same (108-130 Mfd). This upgrade was done to allow the capacitor to handle voltage spikes as well as voltage fluctuations when plugged into shore power at RV parks that use auto-transformers that regulate voltage during heavy amperage load periods.

Applicable To Models w/ Product ID# (links in blue if available):

46516811 (46516-811)

6538751 (6538-751)