• Coleman Thermostat, Digital, Heat / Cool / Heat Pump 6535-3442

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    Coleman Digital Thermostat 6535-3442 No Longer Available

    Color: Black

    Note: the part number has changed to (link in blue) 6536A3351 (white thermostat)

    Functionality: Heat / Cool / Heat Pump 

    Also known under part number: 6535-344 

    Replaces Thermostats: 

    • 6535-335
    • 6535-3352
    • 6535B3352
    • 6535-3442

    NOTE: Original Part# 6535B335 has a 3-Pin Connector & this replacement has a 4-Pin Connector which has an orange wire to the 2nd stage (this wire is not needed).

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