Coleman Thermostat, Digital, Heat / Cool / Heat Pump 8330D3351

$355.00 $294.44

Coleman Digital Thermostat 8330D3351


Heat / Cool / Heat Pump

Color: White

To order this thermostat in black, please click onto this link: 8330D3311

Multi-zone control thermostat, you can control up to four rooftop air conditioners or heat pumps, plus four zones of gas, hydronic or electric strip heaters and fans all from one location! 

Also Known Under Old Part Numbers 8330D335; 8330C335; 8330C3351; 8330B335; 8330B3351; 8330-335; 8330-3351

Optional Electronic Noise Filter: 8330-3301 (Obsolete / NLA)

Please Note: Once you connect the new thermostat to your system and prior to turning it on, wait approximately 3-5 minutes to allow the thermostat to successful link up to your individual roof air controllers that are installed in each AC or heat pump.