Coleman Thermostat Electronic Noise Filter 8330-3301

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Coleman Thermostat Electronic Noise Filter 8330-3301 Obsolete / No Longer Available

Also known under part# AK3102

Electronic noise filter mitigates disruption of data between thermostat and control box.

Used with thermostats / controllers links:

  • White Thermostat 8330A3351 (Obsolete use 8330D3351)
  • White Thermostat 8330B3351 (Obsolete use 8330D3351)
  • White Thermostat 8330C3351 (Obsolete use 8330D3351)
  • White Thermostat 8330D3351 (Current Version) 
  • Black Thermostat 8330A3311 (Obsolete use 8330D3311)
  • Black Thermostat 8330B3311 (Obsolete use 8330D3351)
  • Black Thermostat 8330C3311 (Obsolete use 8330D3351)
  • Black Thermostat 8330D3311 (Current Version)
  • Controller 8530A751 (Obsolete use 8530D5081)
  • Controller 8530C751 (Obsolete use 8530D5081)
  • Controller 8530B751 (Obsolete use 8530D5081)
  • Controller 8530D5081 (Current Version)