• Dinosaur Fan 50 Plus Pins Ignitor Board FAN50PP

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    The FAN 50 Plus Pins is designed to replace the new Suburban® and Atwood® / HydroFlame® Fan Control boards as well as maintain backward compatibility with the Fan 50 Plus, and UIB Fan Control boards which have been available since 1994. This board can also be used to upgrade older furnaces to add the Fan Control feature.


    The basic purpose of a Fan Control Ignitor Board is to shut the fan motor off if the board fails to sense a flame after the third ignition try. Thus, battery drain is reduced and the needless blowing of cold air is eliminated.

    *Note: The fan control feature MUST BE USED for proper operation of the board. Fan control boards should not be used in DuoTherm 900 series furnaces that have the thermostat in the ground circuit. DuoTherm furnaces can be rewired to move the thermostat from the ground side of the circuit to the positive side of the circuit so that the Fan control features of the Fan control or Fan 50 Plus Pins board can be used.

    The Fan 50 Plus Pins works with the following manufacturer's part numbers:

    • 31501 Kit with 33488
    • 33488 (included in 31501 Kit) & 6 pin header connector
    • 37875
    • 232613
    • 232614
    • 520820 Kit with 232613
    • 521099

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