Dinosaur Universal Ignitor Board Model UIB S w/ Post, UIBSPOST

$137.68 $120.27

Dinosaur Universal Ignitor Board Model UIB S w/ Post, UIBSPOST


  • TEI Certified
  • Superior Construction with plated and soldered through holes to virtually eliminate intermittent connections.
  • 12VDC Operation
  • Post for convenience (spark plug top)
  • 3-Try; Tries 3 times to ignite gas, with appropriate purge cycles before going into lockout.
  • Highly reliable microcontroller for accurate and stable operation.

  • Diagnostic LED light helps diagnose problems! Green-You have power to the board and NC terminal. Red-You have power to the gas valve terminal.
  • Fuse and surge protection via the replaceable 5 Amp automotive fuse protects the board from short circuits on the Valve and NC terminals.
  • Removable jumper for instant fire operation in water heaters and refrigerators.
  • Size: 3.25" x 4.25"
  •  Two Tab Mounting Kit w/ small cover available for either mounting with the 4 screws or 2 tabs (i.e. Atwood water heaters and select furnaces)
  • The 2-tab mounting kit allows you to mount a Dinosaur Electronic's UIB S or UIB S Post ignitor board in an Atwood®/Hydroflame® water heater without having to drill a hole to mount the board and risk drilling a hole in the water tank. It comes with an aluminum adapter plate, a clear small cover to protect the UIB S or UIB S Post igntior board and mounting hardware.
  •  Made in the USA
  • 3-Year Warranty
The UIB S works with the following manufacturer's part numbers:
Mark 10-12-1-12-12-E340
Mark 10-12-2-5.5-5.5-E340
91731 (not for MPD91731)

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