Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat Control Kit, Cool/Furnace/Fan, 3313189.015

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Dometic Single Zone LCD Thermostat Control Kit 3313189015 No Longer available
Thermostat Color: Black
Note: To order the upgraded kit with the black thermostat, please click onto this link: 33162230.014 
Easy installation and set-up:
Three wire connector.
Factory set default temperatures:
Heating 68F/20C.
Cooling 72F/22C.
Furnace mode lets user select 1/ 2 on/off differential.
Open back for pull through wiring.
Back plate with two screws.
Snap in display cover.
12V DC supply.
System diagnostics displayed on demand.
Single Zone LCD Thermostat easily functions up to 75-feet away from the air 
conditioner/heat pump.
Built-in temperature sensor.