Fan-Tastic Vent Clear Dome K1020-00

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Made of durable polycarbonate resin, same material used in football helmets and bullet resistant glass.

Fits all Fan-Tastic Vents and Create-A-Breeze domes.

Lens Color Options: Clear (K1020-00) 

Other Dome / Flat Lid Kit Part Numbers:

(Links In Blue If Available)

K1020-19 Smoked Domed 

K1020-81 White Domed (Old P# 8020-81)

K1020-09 Black Domed (Old P# 8020-09)

K2020-19 Smoked Double Domed

K2020-00 Clear Double Domed

K4020-19 Smoke Flat Lid

K4020-00 Clear Flat Lid

K4040-09 Black Flat Lid (Old P# 8021-09)

Known Model Applicability:

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