Intellitec 10 Channel PMC Relay Module, Non Latching, 00-00838-410

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Intellitec 10 Channel PMC Relay Non-Latching Module 00-00838-410 


The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution. They have ten, 20 Amp SPST relays for switching loads to the battery. Each fuse position can be filled with a fuse or circuit breaker. The total module current should not exceed 70 Amps. Two adjacent connections should not exceed 15 Amps each. It is acceptable to have 20A and 10A loads on adjacent connections. 

The 00-00838-410 can be set for module addresses of A - P. This allows each output of the module to be addressed for any one of 160 channels in groups of 10. 

The 00-00838-410 is a non-latching module, which means the output will turn on when it sees it's address but will not latch. In this case, if the channel is turned on momentarily, the output will only be on while the channel is on, but will not latch. This module will respond to programming in the same fashion as any other PMC output module. To keep the output on, the channel must be kept on by writing a Boolean logic statement in the PMC CPU. 


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