• Intellitec 10 Channel Relay Output Module, Latching, 00-00838-000

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    Intellitec 10 Channel Relay Output Module, Latching, 00-00838-000 

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    The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution. They have ten, 20 Amp SPST relays for switching loads to the battery. Each fuse position can be filled with a fuse or circuit breaker. The total module current should not exceed 70 Amps. Two adjacent connections should not exceed 15 Amps each. It is acceptable to have 20A and 10A loads on adjacent connections.

    The 00-00838-000 is a latching module, which means that an output will turn on and latch on when it sees that it's channel has been turned on momentarily. Once the output is on, the output will turn off when it sees it's channel turn on momentarily again. No programming is necessary when used with either a PMC Central Processing Unit, or the 160 Channel IPX Master. An output can be turned on by providing a momentary input on the same channel address. Another momentary input turns the output off. 

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