• Intellitec 12V Multiplex FET Output Module 00-00844-120

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    Intellitec 12V Multiplex FET Output Module 00-00844-120


    The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution. Switching is accomplished via long life, field effect transistors instead of relays. These modules provide solid-state outputs with the capability of dimming lights. Each output will handle 10 Amps.

    This module works with the non-programmable Multipoint Master. This module works in a similar fashion to the 844-500 and 510, except that when it's outputs are not set for dimming they will latch on and off just as the dimmer outputs do. With the Multipoint Master and Intellitec programmable momentary push button switches 00-00841-XXX, a switch is set for the same channel as the output. When the switch turns the channel on, the output latches on. When the switch turns the channel on again, the output latches off. 

    Known Under / Supersedes / Replaces: 73-00844-

    Available Plug / Harness For This Module Links In Blue:

    J2 Plug / Harness Link

    J1 Plug / Harness Link

    J4 Plug / Harness Link


    Available Download Link: Intellitec 00-00844-120 - Specifications and Datasheet 53-00844-500