• Intellitec Auto Electronic Select Switch Module 00-00714-000

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    Intellitec Auto Electronic Select Switch Module 00-00714-000 


    Intellitec's Automatic Energy Select Switch (AESS) is designed to be used in RVs to share the power available from a single circuit breaker between two large loads. Intellitec Part# 00-00714-000

    The AESS applies power to both appliances until the primary load is turned on. It then removes power from the secondary load to prevent the circuit breaker from being overloaded. This function is particularly useful for sharing power between the microwave oven and another "sheddable" or postpone-able appliance, such as the washer/dryer, or water heater.

    Key Features:

    • Allows two 20 Amp loads to operate from a single 20Amp breaker
    • Meets NEC section 551-42(c) for adding breakers over the maximum limit of five and allowing for more than two, thermostatically controlled appliances.
    • Minimizes circuit breaker tripping.
    • Eliminates manual appliance select switches.
    • Automatically switches between the two loads as the demand requires

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