• Intellitec Battery Disconnect Panel, With 1 Foot Adapter Cable, 00-01114-000

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    Intellitec Battery Disconnect Panel With 1 Foot Adapter Cable, 00-01114-000

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    Contents In This Kit:

    *Replaces obsolete part numbers:

    • 01-00066-000
    • 01-00066-004

    Please note: this Battery Disconnect Panel, 00-01114-000 is a replacement for 01-00066-000 and 01-00066-004, but the connection is different thus requiring the provided 1 Foot cable 11-00064-001 in this kit.

    Prior to ordering, please perform a thorough diagnostic on your system using the Intellitec service manual 00-01114-000. Yes, this is a copy of the older manual, but still pertains to this unit.

    Note: Once shipped / connected / installed, we do not accept returns of electronic / electrical components. Each product sold by PDX RV LLC is tested by the manufacturer prior to it being shipped to us and in turn, we test each item prior to shipping to you. We cannot stress enough that you must perform the applicable troubleshooting.

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