Intellitec Battery Disconnect Panel, BD3, 01-00066-003

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Intellitec Battery Disconnect Panel 01-00066-003 Obsolete / No Longer Available

Panel 01-00066-003 has been replaced by panel panel upgrade kit (link): 00-01090-000

Model BD3 -
Intended for remote disconnect of both coach and chassis batteries of motor homes. Needs two relays, 25 feet of cable, and monitor panel with independent "use / store" switches, two on-off indicators, digital voltmeter with momentary-off-momentary switch to read each battery bank, and ignition interlock to prevent disconnection while engine is running.

Relay actuation voltage: 10.5 volts minimum, continuous current: 100 amps maximum, short term current: 500 amps - 30 seconds maximum 

Prior to ordering, please perform a thorough diagnostics on your system using the Intellitec service manual 01-00066-003. 

Note: Once shipped / connected / installed, we do not accept returns of electronic / electrical components. Each product sold by PDX RV LLC is tested by the manufacturer prior to it being shipped to us and in turn, we test each item prior to shipping to you. We cannot stress enough that you must perform the applicable troubleshooting thus you will be ordering the correct part to repair your RV.