• Intellitec Battery Disconnect Relay with No Fuses 01-00055-002

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    Intellitec Battery Disconnect Relay with No Fuses, 01-00055-002 


    The Battery Disconnect Relay is a mechanically latching switch that operates by the momentary application of battery voltage to the coil terminals in one direction for latching (closed) or the other direction for unlatching (open).

    Prior to ordering, please perform a thorough diagnostics on your system using the Intellitec service manual 01-00055-002. If you do not have a copy of this manual, simply email your request to pdxrvparts@gmail.com.com and we will happily send you a free pdf copy of it.
    Note: Once shipped / connected / installed, we do not accept returns of electronic / electrical components. Each product sold by PDX RV LLC is tested by the manufacturer prior to it being shipped to us and in turn, we test each item prior to shipping to you. We cannot stress enough that you must perform the applicable troubleshooting thus you will be ordering the correct part to repair your RV.