Intellitec Electronic Climate Control Energy Management Unit Master Controller, 00-00855-000

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Intellitec Electronic Climate Control Energy Management Unit Master Controller 00-00855-000 No Longer Available

Uses Intellitec harness kit (link in blue): 11-00375-000

The system includes an energy management system that shuts off the air conditioners, when necessary, to prevent electrical over-load. It also includes a number of features that provide the owner with the most comfortable temperature controlled environment possible.
In the HEAT mode, the system offers automatic control of the furnace/s in a manner identical to standard wall mount thermostats.

In either the LOW COOL or HIGH COOL modes, the air conditioner fans run continuously at the selected speed and the compressors are controlled to maintain the set point temperature. When in the AUTO mode, the unit automatically controls the compressors and selects the appropriate air conditioner fan speed based on the difference between the set point temperature and the ambient temperature in the motor home. In addition to controlling the temperature within the coach, the system constantly monitors the current being drawn by all of the 120 VAC electrical appliances, including the air conditioners, and will control the operation of the air conditioners to prevent them from over-loading the circuit breakers. Once the system turns the air conditioners off, it will keep them off until there is enough power available to restore normal operation.

The system has been designed to operate from 120 VAC, 30 Amp service only. Connecting the coach to any other power source will cause the system to operate improperly. If only 20 Amp service is available, "load management" must be done manually by the owner, and only one air conditioner can be operated at a time, unless the auxiliary generator is utilized.