• Intellitec Isolator Relay Delay 00-00629-120

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    Intellitec Isolator Relay Delay 00-00629-120

    Replaces part number: 00-00115-000


    The Intellitec's Battery Isolator Relay Delay offers a new approach to charging and isolating dual batteries in an RV. Unlike conventional diode isolators, this system provides the engine driven alternator with the opportunity to begin charging the chassis battery before connecting the coach battery.

    The unit is packaged in a plastic enclosure for mounting in the engine compartment with two flathead screws. It operates in combination with a conventional continuous duty cycle isolator relay as has been used by a number of RV manufacturers. There are three wires to connect to the delay unit, one from an ignition switched 1 2 volt source, a ground, and the isolator relay coil.

    Uses Intellitec Isolator Relay (link in blue): 77-90000-100

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