• Intellitec Radio Switch Monoplex 00-00189-000

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    Intellitec Radio Switch Monoplex 00-00189-000 


    Description: Radio Switch Control utilizes Intellitec’s exclusive Monoplex technology to control loads of up to 3 amps between two power sources. The Radio Switch Control is generally used to control an RV’s in-dash radio.

    Information: When the ignition is on, the dash radio is powered by the chassis battery. When the ignition is off, and one of the momentary switches is pressed, the radio is powered through the coach battery. Pressing the switch again will turn the radio off. If the radio is on powered from the coach battery and the ignition is turned on, the radio is immediately switched to the chassis battery. When the ignition is turned off again, the radio is then turned off.

    See data sheet below for specifications and wiring diagram.

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