• Intellitec Transfer Switch, 30 Amp, 00-00638-000

    $238.20 $208.24

    Intellitec Transfer Switch 00-00638-000

    Replaces no longer available 15 amp Intellitec transfer switch (link in red): 00-00568-000


    Description: Intellitec’s Transfer Relay Delays are designed to automatically transfer a 120 VAC load, between two power sources, such as generator and shore power. The units are responsive to one of its inputs. If power is applied to that input, after a 15 second delay, the load will be switched to that input. This input is typically fed from the generator of an RV, to transfer the load to the generator from shore power, when the generator is running.

    Key Features: 

    • 30 Amps Max Carry Current
    • 120VAC @ 60HZ
    • Designed for RV’s
    • Transfers 120 VAC between 2 sources
    • UL & CSA approved

    Available Downloads: