• Intellitec Water Pump Controller, 10 Amp, Latching, 00-00145-100

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    Intellitec 10 Amp Water Pump Latching Controller 00-00145-100


    MONOPLEX Water Pump Controller is a power switching controller used to operate the domestic water pump in an RV. 

    Key Features:

    • Minimizes the use of heavy gauge wire runs throughout the coach
    • Only two 14 gauge wires need to be run from the power source to the pump.
    • Multipoint switching can be added anywhere along the network using simple wiring.
    • Signaling from multiple points along the single wire MONOPLEX can be easily accomplished with inexpensive switches providing momentary contact to ground.
    • Simplified switches (momentary buttons) increase reliability.
    • Negligible standby current makes this system superior to conventional multipoint relay switching.
    • Labor and initial installation costs are reduced compared to multipoint switching using conventional switching.

    To upgrade to the KIB Electronics 15 Amp Water Pump Controller, please click onto this link: LSD1002 Upgrade Kit

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    Replaces / Supersedes / Known Under:

    • 00-00145-000