• Intellitec Water Pump Controller, 10 Amp, Latching, 00-00145-100

    $51.28 $35.64

    Intellitec 10 Amp Water Pump Latching Controller 00-00145-100

    Minimizes the use of heavy gauge wire runs throughout the coach. Only two 14 gauge wires need to be run from the power source to the pump.
    Multipoint switching can be added anywhere along the network using simple wiring.
    Signaling from multiple points along the single wire MONOPLEXTM can be easily accomplished with inexpensive switches providing momentary contact to ground.
    Simplified switches (momentary buttons) increase reliability.
    Negligible standby current makes this system superior to conventional multipoint relay switching.
    Labor and initial installation costs are reduced compared to multipoint switching using conventional switching.

    Replaces Part# 00-00145-000


    To upgrade to the KIB Electronics 15 Amp Water Pump Controller, please click onto this link: LSD1002 Upgrade Kit