KIB Electronics Battery Disconnect Latching Relay LR9806T1-BIP

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KIB Electronics Battery Disconnect Latching Relay LR9806TI-BIP

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To order the relay bypass kit, please click onto this link: LR9806RBK


  • Coil Rating 12VDC - 4.4 Ohms
  • Non-Poliarity Sensitive
  • Min. Activation Voltage 7VDC
  • Contact Type: 110 amps carry 6-36VDC
  • Latch Type: Mechanical Push On/Push Off Coil Activated

Known Under / Supersedes / Replaces:

  • LR9806TI
  • LR9806-TI
T1-BIP version has a small circuit board attached to the "positive" terminal of the relay coil. This is a protection device that removes voltage from the coil after a time delay to protect the coil should the switch become stuck in the closed position, or the wiring become grounded.

Used extensively on Thor RV's & Motorhomes

Commonly confused with part numbers (links): LR9806J-BIP or LR9806C-BIP