KIB Electronics Monitor Panel Model K22WH Repair / Installation Kits

$56.34 $37.95

KIB Monitor Panel Model K22WH Repair / Installation Kits

This panel is for: 1 fresh water tanks, 1 black water tank, 1 gray water tank & LP Level

  • Basic Repair Option: Replacement Printed Circuit Board for Monitor IN-STOCK
  • Intermediate Repair Option: Complete Monitor Panel + 3 Tank Harnesses Obsolete / No Longer Available
  • Full Installation Kit Option: Monitor Panel + 3 Tank Harnesses + 12 Tank Sensors Obsolete / No Longer Available

Other parts that are available for purchase for this specific monitor panel (Links)


The basic repair kit is the printed circuit board for the monitor panel is (SUBPCBK22) the intermediate repair kit which includes the complete monitor panel + three K101 tank harness is obsolete / no longer available or or the full installation kit (K22WHKIT) is obsolete / no longer available