• RV LED Marker Light, Amber 12 Diode, 1A-S-1905A

    $9.18 $7.51

    RV Amber 12 Diode LED Marker Light With Stainless Steel Bezel 1A-S-1905A


    Light Specifications:

    • 12 LED's
    • 12 VDC
    • Amber Polycarbonate Lens
    • Stainless Steel Bezel
    • 2 Wire
    • Surface Mount
    • Mounting Type: 2 Screws (not included)
    • Housing Material: ABS

    To order the 5 piece amber LED light kit, please click onto this link: 1A-S-1905A KIT

    To order the individual red LED version of this light assembly, please click onto this link: 1A-S-1905R