Magnum Energy ME-SBC Two Bank Smart Battery Combiner 12/24VDC

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Magnum Energy ME SBC Smart Battery Combiner The Magnum Energy Smart Battery Combiner (ME-SBC) is an easy-to-use stand alone two-bank battery combiner and isolator for 12 and 24 VDC systems. Apply a single charging source to the main battery bank and the ME-SBC charges a second battery bank using a portion of the current. The remote sense line can be used to monitor the battery voltage of a battery far away or at a charging source. This is also used to help minimize unnecessary cycling between combining and isolating, which can lead to early solenoid failure. With adjustable voltage ranges, including automatic on/off setpoints, the ME-SBC prevents under or over charging. Features of the ME-SBC Voltage auto-detect feature recognizing 12 or 24 VDC. Transfers up to 25 amps with Solenoid drive for requirements greater than 25 amps. Over-temperature and over-current shutdown. Reverse polarity protection. Bi-directional charging. Sense lead for long-run applications. LED indicators showing status and operation. Three adjustable voltage dials to set the "Connect Voltage", "Low V Disconnect", and "High V Disconnect." An oversized power terminal block allowing for easy wire connections even if the wires are large. Also Known As: ME.SBC, ME-SBC, ME_SBC, MESBC SpecificationsBrand: Magnum Energy   Length: 4.2"   Height: 1.4"   Width: 5.4"   Warranty Life: 1yr