• Norcold Refrigerator Board Kit w/ Controls Adapters 633287

    $299.80 $241.39

    Norcold Refrigerator Board Kit With Controls Adapters 633287


    Kit Contents:

    • Power Board With Adapter Plug 628661
    • Optical Control Assembly 628976 (Board Only 628664 Not Sold Separately)
    • Lamp / Thermistor Wire 630296
    • Service Kit Literature 633284A (04-27-09) & 633296A (04-23-09)

    Applicable To EG2 models N641 & N841 with serial numbers 9044283 and below & N1095 with serial number 9045737 and below. The Norcold serial number can be found inside the refrigerator door on the right hand side. There should be a decal. Make sure not to mistake the letter "O" for a zero at the end of your serial number. Most numbers contain letters after the serial number. 

    The reason for this kit including both boards is that Norcold no longer makes the original optical board 619665

    If your serial number is above 9045737 on a N1095, you need just the optical control assembly, please order: 628976