• Power Gear Slide Out Controller 14-1098

    $230.99 $215.13

    Power Gear Slide Out Controller 14-1098 


    Controller Only 

    Fleetwood part number: 122860

    Also known under Lippert part number: 383663

    Condition: New

    To Order Complete Upgrade Kit To New Power Gear Slide Out Controller, click onto link: Power Gear Slide Out Controller 14-1098 Upgrade Kit 800181S

    If you don't need the entire upgrade kit but wish to add the 15 Amp circuit breaker (P# 14-1090) and or the 20 Amp Fuse (P# 14-1124) you can add these to your order from the option box above. Please Note: the fuse will always be 5 amps larger then the breaker.

    Controller 14-1098 uses upgraded harness (link) 14-1138

    Available Downloads: