Power Gear Slide Out Motor 521271S

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Power Gear Slide Out Motor 521271S No Longer Available Under This Part Number 

Now known under Lippert part number (link in blue): 387523

Base Number: 13-1109

Shaft Configuration: Double Shaft

Torque Rating: High Torque

Approximate Amperage: 15A

Pin Configuration: Yes

Connector: Yes (Mate-N-Lock)

Also known under Power Gear part number: 521271

Please Note: If your connector (plug) is different, cut plug off and splice wires.

Replaces Part#'s / Base#'s Combinations:

  • Part# 520555 / Base# 13-1105
  • Part# 521472 / Base# 13-1121
  • Part# 524179 / Base# 130-1161
  • Part# 383744