Suburban Furnace Model SF-20VHQ Tune-Up Kit

$104.40 $72.34

(Kit #1) has the new style electrode which is applicable above S/N 171416095, the second (Kit #2) has the old style electrode which is applicable to between S/N's 934701426 and ending at 171416095. Please verify which kit is applicable to your furnace prior to ordering. *See serial number note at the bottom of the page*

Tune-Up Kit #1 Contents: (links in blue) (After 4/2017)


Tune-Up Kit #2 Contents: (links in blue) (After 11/1993 To 4/2017)

Item# 22 Electrode With Lead 232286 (New P# 525009)

Item# 23 Burner Assembly 010767
Item# 59 Limit Switch Above 232504 (New P# 525006)
Item# 45 Sail Switch 232261 (New P# 525003)
Item# 12 Burner Access Door Gasket 071263 (New P# 525031)


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Suburban Furnace SF20VHQ Exploded Parts View Links
Item# 2 Thermostat, White, 161154
Item# 2 Thermostat, Black, 161210
Item# 11 Orifice 180305 (Metric Threads)
Item# 39 Firewall Gasket 072087
Item# 52 Room Air Blower Wheel 521233
Item# 59 Limit Switch 232504 (New P# 525006)

*Please Note* All Suburban Serial Numbers manufactured after January 1990, will be nine digits. The first two (2) digits signify the year of manufacture. The next set of digits, indicate the week of the year and the remaining digits are serial numbers.

For Example: Even though numerically higher, 934701426 is actually lower than serial number 171416095 due to the year of manufacture.