Suburban Water Heater Model SW10DEM Tune-Up Kit

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Suburban Water Heater Model SW10DEM Tune-Up Kit

Please Note: This kit is only applicable to the SW10DEM model after serial number 953601021

Tune-Up Kit #1 120VAC Element / Thermostat Contents (links in blue):

Tune-Up Kit #2 Gas / Burner Contents (links in blue): 

Tune-Up Kit #3 120VAC Element Kit / Gas Burner Kit Contents (links in blue):

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Item#1 Module Board Cover 090487 (Applicable to 520814 & 520814MC Only)
Item#4 12VDC Junction Box Cover 090344
Item#9 Module Board Insulator 070538 (Replaces P# 070807, not applicable to 520814 & 520814MC)
Item#11 120VAC Junction Box Cover 090464
Item#18 Pressure Relief Valve 161230 (Replaces P# 161157)
Item#26 Electrode 232258
Item#29 1/4 Inch Loxit Nut 171463 from manifold to valve (Replaces P# 171475)
Item#33 120VAC Electric Element Switch 233358 (Replaces P# 525001)
Item#34 Anode Rod 232767 Magnesium (New P# 233514)
Item#34 Anode Rod 232768 Aluminum (New P# 233516)
Item#37 12VDC Thermostat / Hi-Limit Switch 232282 (New P# 525007)
Item#42 Gas Fitting 170374
Item#43 120VAC Electric Element 520900 (Replaces P# 520789)
Item#44 Gas Valve 161109 (Prior 2016)
Item#52 1/4" Loxit Nut 171463 (manifold to burner)

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Please Note: All Suburban Serial Numbers manufactured after January 1990, will be nine digits. The first two (2) digits signify the year of manufacture. The next set of digits, indicate the week of the year and the remaining digits are serial numbers.

For Example: Even though numerically higher, 912000060 is lower than serial number 014103973 due to the year of manufacture.