Suburban Water Heater Model SW6PR Tune-Up Kit

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Suburban Water Heater Model SW6PR Tune-Up Kit

Please Note: This kit is only applicable to model SW6PR after serial number 953401118

Item#14 Pilot Burner / Thermocoupler Assembly 161156
Item#15 Reignitor Electrode 232602
Item#19 Burner Assembly W/ Orifice 010843

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Item#2 Reignitor
Not Shown Reignitor Kit 
Item#6 Pressure Relief Valve (replaces p# 161157)
Item#14 Pilot Burner / Thermocouple Assembly serial# range from: 953401118 to 974400950 only
Item#19 Burner Assembly With Orifice After Serial #953401118 only
Item#21 1/4" Loxit Nut (manifold to valve)
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Item#29 Gas Elbow Fitting 171394
Item#43 1/4" Loxit Nut (manifold to burner)

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Please Note: All Suburban Serial Numbers manufactured after January 1990, will be nine digits. The first two (2) digits signify the year of manufacture. The next set of digits, indicate the week of the year and the remaining digits are serial numbers.

For Example: Even though numerically higher, 912000060 is lower than serial number 014103973 due to the year of manufacture.