Atwood / HydroFlame Furnace Model 8531-I Tune-Up Kit

$68.40 $50.13

Please Note: Burner Assembly 32811 and electrode 36999 are no longer available so they have been removed from this kit. The parts in blue are still available.

Tune up kit includes (links in blue):
Additional Atwood Furnace 8531-I Available Parts Links
Item# 20 Burner Assembly 32811 NLA
Item# 16 Circuit Breaker 33781
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Item# 7 Gas Valve 31155 (Replaces P# 38607)
Item# 8 Motor Gasket 37713 (Replaces P# 32841)
Item# 13 Time Delay Relay 48000 (Replaces P# 31017)
Available Downloads: