Atwood / HydroFlame Furnace Model 8531-I Tune-Up Kit

$69.63 $47.20

Atwood / Hydro Flame Furnace Model 8531-I Tune-Up Kit

Please Note: Burner Assembly 32811 is obsolete / no longer available, do not order this kit if your burner is worn out.

Tune up kit includes (links in blue):

Additional Atwood Furnace 8531-I Available Parts Links
Item# 20 Burner Assembly 32811 NLA
Item# 16 Circuit Breaker 33781
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Item# 7 Gas Valve 31155 (Replaces P# 38607)
Item# 8 Motor Gasket 37713 (Replaces P# 32841)
Item# 13 Time Delay Relay 48000 (Replaces P# 31017)
Available Downloads: