Battery Control Center, by RV Custom Products, PCB# 01033-10, P# 111979

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RV Custom Battery Control Center, RV Custom Part# 111979

Prior to ordering please utilize the applicable RVC troubleshooting guide / schematics in troubleshooting your existing battery control center manual to ensure that the part you are ordering will correct the problem you are having. Once shipped / installed / connected we do not accept returns nor offer refunds on electrical components.  If you do not have a copy of this manual, simply click the following available download:


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Commonly Confused with Part Number (Links): 129521

Used extensively on National RV Motorhomes

Some of the parts used to assemble the 111979 battery control center are available for purchase individually. These include (click onto link):
  • Battery Boost / Charge Combine Relay Part# EB300
  • Battery Disconnect Latching Relay Part# RVC1002
  • 150 Amp Breaker Part# RVCCB185150
  • 30 Amp PCB Mounted Circuit Breaker Part# RVCCB130
  • 50 Amp PCB Mounted Circuit Breaker Part# RVCCB150
  • 30 Amp Chassis Mounted Circuit Breaker Part # RVCCBK030
  • J1, J2, J3 & J4 Replacement Harness Part# JX-111979HXX