• Suburban Water Heater Gas Valve 161111

    $209.99 $179.78

    Suburban Water Heater Thermostat Gas Valve 161111 


    Product Description: 3/8" NPT Inlet 1/4" Loxit Outlet

    Applicable to Models:

    • SW10P Models Above Serial # 95360121
    • SW6P Models Above Serial# 962802561

    Please Note:

    All Suburban Serial Numbers manufactured after January 1990, will be nine digits. The first two (2) digits signify the year of manufacture. The next set of digits, indicate the week of the year and the remaining digits are serial numbers.
    For Example: Even though numerically higher, 912000060 is lower than serial number 014103973 due to the year of manufacture.

    Applicable To Models (Links If Available In Blue): 

    SW6P Above Serial# 962802561
    SW6PE Above Serial# 962802561
    SW6PER Above Serial# 962802561
    SW6PR Above Serial# 962802561
    SW10P Above Serial # 95360121
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    SW10PE Above Serial # 95360121
    SW10PER Above Serial # 95360121
    SW10PR Above Serial # 95360121